Friday, January 16, 2009

Photograph by Joyce Meyer ©2009. All Rights Reserved.
Wringer Washer dated 1900.


  1. I really like the different textures in this photo ....

  2. Great shot Joyce! That's an old wringer washer! When I was about two or so, my mom took me out to the wash room and set me on the folding table, and ran back into the house. We had an old wringer was about 1957 or 58...and she said, "Don't touch the washing machine!" But I did and I smashed my little thumb in the wringer and have a nasty scar to prove it. I remember being sooo upset because I couldn't suck my thumb for quite awhile. I guess I adapted with the one on the other hand! We do what we have to do! LOL! Blessings, Lisa