Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tranquility of the Sea

The boat lights reflecting
on the water smooth as glass
or eyelids squinting, but I
can see the bobber.
I sit in the Herter's boat
on a hot August day
thinking about things
keeping quiet
feeling comfortable with the
noise surrounding me.
On the surface a fish ballet
begins as they breath in
water bugs all around the craft.
A crappie curls
while feeding on minnows.
A northern pike pulling down
the bobber
the line tightens
then snap!
I wait, watching the lily pads
dancing in the moonlight.
Near shore I can hear
bass surfacing.
I hear dragon flies
swarming around my head.
Bit. Pressing the "off" valve
I hear the air escaping
and feel the sting which
brings relief from the mosquitos.
In mid-air I catch a bat
on my hula-popper lure
squeezing under the bow yelling
"They'll gonna suck my blood out. Help. Save me."
I watch two loons
taking turns giving their offspring
a piggy back ride across Stokey Bay
sounds of lou...lou cease.
Wide wing span unfolds
as the blue herron flies
off into the sunset.
Floating logs, beavers will
fetch them tomorrow.
I hear other boats purring for shore.

This poem is dedicated to:
Catherine Fox Meyer
and John William Meyer.


  1. A beautiful poem .. and love your background music.
    Thanks for your comment on my mountains/clouds on Skywatch - it was wonderful to watch the everchanging clouds on that day.