Tuesday, June 22, 2010

6/23/2010 Outdoor Wednesday #76

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Photographs that are out-of-focus aren't always a bad image.

Photograph of a rusty, old, dirty lantern.

This photograph features window reflection of a lantern and sky. Three panes of glass and frame add balance to a fuzzy, out-of-focus image.
Study of lanterns June, 2010.


  1. My grandparents had tons of those lanterns just sitting willy nilly everywhere all over there garden and never thought twice about them... I love your photos, it brings back some nostalgia!

  2. wow, we had these lanterns when i was a kid. i love the rustic one.:p

  3. I grew up using lanterns like this. You brought back old memories. The way you captured this lantern is a great job. Nicely done.

  4. I love your lanterns images~~very cool:)

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday~~~

    Kay Ellen

  5. Great subject for your photos and you captured them nicely.

  6. Hello ! Thank you for stopping by my outdoor wednesday post. I love your lanterns!!

  7. Hi Joyce! Sorry for the absence, but after a long weekend break, I was working abroad last week...

    Interesting lanterns!!

    Meanwhile, Blogtrotter Two discovers Sardinia! Enjoy and have a great week!

  8. One never knows when they will need a lantern, but for the most part they sit around and look great like your photos.

  9. Hi Joyce,
    My Dad collected old lanterns like this. They still hang in my Mom's garage.
    I actually like the out of focus shots a lot especially with the focused shot in the center.
    Nice study!

  10. Great images, Joyce! I love the lanterns.