Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goals - 365 Days of Quotes

"In any situation, there are two things to ask: "What is the gift?" -- have I shown gratitude?
And, "What is the lesson?"--am I learning it?"
...Marianne Williamson

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  1. Hello Light and Voices,
    I didn't know where would be right to write my thank you... but felt this Post is a good start.

    Today, Friday, 9.09.2011 in Eastern Australia, I have been granted Gifts enormously moving and thoroughly unexpected by opening my self to SkyWatch Friday... I feel you have granted me an extra delicious Topping to experience...

    Appreciate immensely you consider my Blog worthy of Following, feel truly honoured.

    Love the Name of your Blog...
    Light and Voices...
    that in itself is a Gift...

    Your Blog is beautiful too, and interesting.

    Thank you so much for your gift to me.

    If I am learning anything worthwhile from what has happened today,
    it is... as I am repeatedly experiencing...
    in Blogland with Blogger, there is an ethernet of Friendship that senses when to reach-out and give Support and Encouragement.

    I appreciate every strengthening vibration of encouragement I have been blessed with today for having found my courage to share my Love of Earth's Sky's Artwork with others via SkyWatch Friday.

    My deepest appreciation, may you enjoy your Visits with my Inspirations Light and Voices, from Magda in Australia