Monday, June 4, 2012

Thinking Outside The Box Arrow

Tarmac with Arrow
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I took a basic shot of blacktop in Elizabeth Park, Hartford, Connecticut, and worked on this image in a program called Picasa until it looked like an egg not a road.   Used papyrus font.   The intention was to show layers and cracks and spots and how imperfect life really is.   The arrow represents our choices.   A lawyer friend, Tony Noto (God bless his soul) said "Life is just a cope job."

To me, each day is like a blank piece of paper in which I can choose to be happy, confident, peaceful or I can take the negative route.   Weeping over yesterday's mistakes gets a person no where.  It is far better to let go and after releasing live each moment.   I look for beauty, wonder, adventure, excitment and then I find it.   Simple, choice,  action.

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