Saturday, November 8, 2014

11/8/2014 - PINK SATURDAY - Pink Plastic Pumpkin

Howdy Folks!    If you would like the color PINK best here is the site for you:   Thank you Beverly for being the hostess.

Lookee here.....a PINK plastic pumpkin.  Life is grand.  Chocolate will look mighty good in this container.
Should I wish you all before or after ..... I think after .... so here is a big I mean really big HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!


  1. Love you pink pumpkin. Do not see many of them. Thanks for dropping by my place.

  2. I love your pink here...have a perfect weekend.

  3. A pink pumpkin, we have pink Christmas, why not Pink Halloween? Love it!
    Happy Pink Saturday to you~!
    Dorothy and Ms.Wilma

  4. A pink Jack! Now that's cute, and yes, chocolate will definitely look good in this guy.
    Thanks for stopping by to visit and leave a comment. I appreciate it.

  5. My grand daughter carried a pink plastic jack o lantern on trick or treat on Halloween! :)