Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2/25/2015 - Outdoor Wednesday - #320 -

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Forest Preserve Animal Path #1

Found Another Animal Path #2

Couldn't resist walking in a circle to show you my tracks.

Illinois is expecting below zero weather and snow flurries.   So more of these kind of photos to come.   I think I'll go make a hot chocolate and spray some whipped cream in the cup.  See you next week.

Photos take at Ralph Frese River Trail, North Branch Chicago River.


  1. Wonderful tracks in the snow! The path looks like the snow is pretty deep.

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog. These are fun photos. I especially like the tone of the trees in the first one, that orange red pushing against the blue sky is striking.

  3. You will be surprised, but i haven't experienced snow. I've seen melting snow, touched a bit of it, but walking in thick ice like that is yet to come! I hope i will still be able to experience that too, still alien to me! Thanks for dropping by my post.

  4. I think a hot chocolate with creamy is a good idea. The snowy tracks are beautiful and the grey sky is fabulous. Warm wishes, Nicole

  5. Nice winter photos! We are waiting for Spring! :)