Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12, 2016 - Thinking Outside the Box - Bethlehem All Decked Out

Christmas decoration in front of store in Artecon, 5250 International Drive, Orlando, Florida.  What does this image look like to you?  I thought it looked like an evening dress with the town of Bethlehem inside.  I could be wrong.  


  1. It is hard to tell. Interesting.

  2. OH! That is really intriguing. A black dress over a city?

    Um... it also looks to me like it could be Bethlehem. If the dress were white I would guess it's a bride reference. But it's black. Maybe something like going out on the town? It's a celebration or party type dress.


    Well, you know these artists. :-) There's no telling!

    Do you know who did it?

  3. Very cool! It's a Christmas town hiding inside a dress.