Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thematic Photographic 41 Kitchen

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Photograph by Joyce Meyer ©2009.
All Rights Reserved.
Wallphone which hangs in my kitchen.
Credit Follows:
Electric Mfg. Company
Sioux City, IA

I used a similar phone during a summer spent on a farm in the 50s. Folks in the area had different rings instead of telephone numbers. One long and one short ring was allocated for one family. Two short and one long ring identified another family. Each family would say, "I can't remember how many rings" so everyone would answer the phone. Folks could exchange news, use the telephone for emergencies or just talk. Party lines was the norm; private lines I don't think existed in the rural areas at the time.
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  1. Wow. What a great looking piece. I am impressed that you actually had the experience of using these old phones.

    Although we're now using 10-digit dialing, the rural neighborhood I live in shares the same extension. So when we're exchanging phone numbers with other Canyon residents, we still just use the last 4 digits when we give each other our numbers - "Oh, call me, I'm at 1767."

  2. Dial O for Operator...Is this a party line? Hello, hello...may I use the line, please? Very nice, Joyce. This image brings back lots of memories.

  3. neat. my dad has a phone like this.

  4. A piece of history. How amazing it is that we can take our phones absolutely everywhere with us now.

    Great photo for Carmi's challenge. So many different ways to look at kitchen.