Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

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So far this week in Illinois we had several inches of snow, then another day we experienced a downpour of rain, and then we had the occasional blue skies. We do not have flowering trees or tulips yet. So here is what I found to shoot for Outdoor Wednesday. First, I aimed lens up under this bridge. Notice the peeling paint, the metal nuts and bolts and spaces of darkness and light.

Point the camera down at a man hole cover. Shapes are so interesting to me.

This looks like a prehistoric man but I was told it was a cable locater. I live and learn each day. Think I will pop over to see other Outdoor Wednesday posts.


  1. I like bridges too.


  2. Nice pictures, I like the hexagons and am working on a quilt with those shapes.

  3. Hi...I really like your header photo! These were some interesting photos you shared today...very artsy! ;-) Bo

  4. That does sort of look like a drawing from a cave wall. I like the manhole cover!

    Tink *~*~*
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  5. Love the last shot...reminds me of ancient petroglyphs.

    Great shots...good job!

  6. That manhole cover photo is wonderful.