Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thematic Photographic 43 - Reflective

At this exact spot, there used to be an antique store. I would go there periodically and shop until I dropped; but because of the unstable foundation the building faced demolition. Now I am probably one of the few people that can remember that there was an antique store there. Thoughts of the past is not a rare thing for me to do. For who I am is what happened to me in the past, what my choices for today and create plans for tomorrrow. This is what makes me different from the person standing next to me. Being reflective is an ok thing to do. I try to live moment to moment, day to day and not dwell on the past. But when I drive by this spot, my thoughts go back in time.

I'm not sure when this skyscraper was built. It has stood there in that exact spot for quite a while. This building certainly isn't made of a product for a tornado area. Yet this building still stands.

Glass and metal and shapes are a continuous theme for me to study. So whenever I pass this structure I look. I don't normally have my camera with me. This day I did.
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  1. lovely photo, it reminds me of those jigsaw games of squares with one missing so you can move the pieces around the frame to make the picture:)

  2. Fabulous reflection! And you could have doubled it up for SWF, but after seeing your SWF entry I'm glad you didn't.

  3. REally nice. I love the story of the antique store that isn't there anymore.

    I love the fragmentation of the reflection.

  4. An interesting double meaning for reflective. Very nice. And a nice photo.

  5. Wonderful reflection.That reminds me of a puzzle game. Nice one

  6. A very interesting post. Your words are thought-provoking and the picture is intriguing.

  7. Wow! What a terrific photo! Love how some of the squares of glass aren't showing the reflection of the trees. How interesting that you have history with this spot before these things were here to photograph.

    I played along too albeit a bit too late. I like my photo so I decided to post it anyway.

    And if you have a chance could you please stop by Sweetanlo's Reflective Post

    She has an amazing reflective photo posted and is afraid that no one will see it since she posted so late.

    It really is a great photo and ok I'm biased but it really is. ;-)

  8. A great post on reflections, and a really neat picture! Thanks for visiting my blog.