Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7/20 Outdoor Wednesday #132

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Welcome! This week I thought I would post laundry hanging outside. Gone are the days of sleeping on white sheets that have been hung out to dry on a line. Week after week I put clothing into a washer and a dryer and am thankful for these machines. I would not want to do the alternative of going down to a river, pounding these clothes on a rock and then hanging items on bushes and tree branches nearby. But I do have this wonderful clothes line. When it rains here our family likes to use the line to dry towels, camping tarps, patio chair seat covers and other stuff. Does anyone out there still use a clothes line?


  1. Makes an interesting blogpost.
    Washing machines... inseparable part of lives now!

  2. We've come a long way, thank goodness. Clothes lines were necessary way of life for my mom. I helped her hang the clothes out to dry. I haven't pulled that memory up in a while, thanks for bringing it back. There are times I wish I had one, for days I want to throw something out for airing and fluffing. This is one of the things you see a lot of when traveling abroad. On my first trip to Italy our hotel room looked out onto a shared courtyard and there were clothes lines running building to building and oh my goodness you've never seen so many black undies hanging. I think everyone in Rome wears black undies. Had to laugh.........Love the quote you shared by Palmer

    The French Hutch

  3. Hi I use it when we are camping in Spain. Smells always so good. But at home I wouldn't want to miss my dryer.

  4. I had a clothes line for many many years but sadly gave it up when we had to cut down the tree it was attached to due to storm damage. I miss it!

  5. My next door neighbors have a clothes line. They use it mostly for sheets, towels, etc. Always makes me smile when I see stuff on it. Clothes line dried sheets are the best.

  6. Love your laundry in complimentary colors! How artistic...:-)