Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gasp Moments

Recently my husband John and I were flying Cape Air from Boston to Rockland, Maine.  It was a small plane with around 12 seats give or take a few.  There were seven of us travelling counting the pilot.  We were experiencing fog.  Personally, I do not know how the pilot was able to see another plane around the area or even see a place to land if something went wrong.   I had to turn my life over to the universe which I seem to do everyday anyway.   But, this was a gasp moment for me.

Being a claustrophobic person, I found it very hard to sit next to the window.   The only saving grace was that John was sitting next to me and somehow I felt safe with him there.   I kept telling myself that I am ok.  Everything will be alright.   It is only an hour ride then it is over.   My critic was not allowed to take over those moments in the air.

Five days later, we arrived at this quaint Rockland, Maine airport willing to fly back to Boston area.   The only difference was we had a clear blue sky returning to Boston area.   My gasp moment turned into an experience that we both will never forget.   Fear did not rule.  Would I do it again?   Sure without a minute hesitation; but I am a person who likes to travel and discovers something to wonder about daily.

Here is information about Cape Air http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Air.

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