Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/12 Outdoor Wednesday - #192

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Close-up of Stove

Egg Carton burning in an outside fire.  FYI:   Egg carton is not made of styrofoam.

Top two photos were taken at Gene's Used Furniture and Antiques, Gene Hause, Prop., W14337, Hwy. 8, Weyerhaeuser, Wisconsin 54885

Yesterday it was in the 80s here in the Mid-west.    It was suppose to be sunny but the day altered from gray skies, to looking like it would rain and then the sun would perk up our hearts in believing that yes, it was still summer after all and then it would turn gray again.   I got up this morning and was greeted with a another gray day.   mmmmm, wonder when it will be sunny and bright again?     This area does need rain to prepare the trees, shrubs and flowers for the winter.   Rain?    Sun?   Either way, it is out of my hands.  

Last night I watched a movie entitled, I WAS A MALE WAR BRIDE starring Cary Grant and
Ann Sheridan.  This movie was made in 1949 and directed by Howard Hawkes.   Read about all the health issues of the crew, how production was postponed and Cary Grant came out saying "the best comedy I've ever done."



  1. It's been warm and beautiful in New Jersey.

    Oh, and I love "I Was A Male War Bride"! Cary Grant in drag and the beautiful and underrated Ann Sheridan! That movie is laugh-out-loud funny!

  2. Weather is warming up again in MA ~ Great photos ~ fun movie ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    Thanks for coming by ^_^

  3. Does a burning egg carton give off toxic fumes if it is made of styrofoam? Just curious ;)...I love old movies but have not seen the one you talked about...but if Cary Grant was in it it had to be good.

  4. I'll trade you for our SUNNY days for your rainy gloomy days right now!!!