Friday, September 21, 2012

Skywatch Friday - Season 6, Episode 11

If you would like to view skies from all over the world click here:  Thanks to the skywatch team.

Cornfield and blue sky, Hayward Lakes Area, Wisconsin - Fall 2012.

I didn't hear a thing.   Got up and discovered it had rained last night.  I noticed the sand was not dry but dark red in color and then I noticed the delicious smell of fall.   It is my favorite season of them all.   Yes, I put a sweatshirt on to keep warm but I can always take it off if I get too hot.    Yes, the trees are changing color and have been for about a month.   Each day one tree tries to out do the tree standing next to it.   Fall is like 4th of July fireworks except there isn't the noise .....trees do the changes quietly.  I love seeing all the farmland with the animals, the different shaped barns painted in all different colors red, blue, green.   I love seeing the old silos with a flag sticker near the top and the new blue silos all standing in a row. When I enter a county highway, there isn't rush hour, no cars to the left and no cars to the right.   Most of all I noticed how close the clouds look ... like I could reach out and touch them.  It feels like I am in heaven right now!

Thanks for visiting.   Hope you will come back.   Meanwhile, take care.   See you next time.


  1. Great picture! Fall is a beautiful season, and like you, I also appreciate the changing rural landscapes.

  2. Thatcher is à beautiful countrysite and sky.

  3. you made me terribly homesick for a moment. i do miss wisconsin and its most wonderful fall...

  4. Love the tracks (or however you call 'em) in the cornfield!

  5. it's interesting how fall comes so suddenly and you feel and smell it. the difference is delightful. thanks for commenting on my blog.

  6. Beautiful shots. Happy sky watching.