Tuesday, November 6, 2012

11/07 Outdoor Wednesday #200

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Lake Michigan Stormy Weather

Lake Michigan Stormy Weather B

Lake Michigan Stormy Weather C

Ravines, Fall-2012

When I finished taking photographs of Lake Michigan during a storm, I walked to the car and saw this road scene.    Now how could I pass this shot up?    It was taken almost kiddy corner from the lake.   Look how calm the trees look.   Weird eh?

Hope you stop by to see what I post for Outdoor Wednesday next week.    Meanwhile, take care. 


  1. The sea does look wild but the path peaceful!

  2. Fantastic photos ~ love the beach and woods are nice too ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  3. I love the comparison of the two areas! The lake is stormy and the lane is peaceful! That is some awesome color on the lane!

  4. Wow - stunning shots and rich colours!