Tuesday, November 20, 2012

11/21 Outdoor Wednesday #202

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Found:   Last morning glory blossom in our yard this year.  Recently, we yanked all the vines off the picket fence after a couple nights of frost.   Seeds fell to the ground and others I patiently picked up and placed in a white envelope to plant these tiny black seeds next spring.   My husband, John, likes these morning glory flowers best. 

Found:   Orange flower on the beach.    I decided to take it on my journey and found these boulders and thought mmmm, perhaps this is the perfect background.  I am thankful for its beauty and its imperfections.

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to your house.


  1. My husband is fond of marigolds... So--I always plant them! Great photos :)

  2. Great photos, love the glow in the first one

  3. Beautiful photography of nature's delights that you found or they found you ~ Happy Thanksgiving ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  4. yes they are lovely, and the composition lovely too!

  5. the last of the blooms....kinda sad, huh?