Friday, March 13, 2015

3/13/2015 - SkyWatch Friday

Howdy Folks!   If you would like to view skies from all over the world click here:  Our Friday Skywatch hosts are:  Yogi, Sylvia and Sandy.

I've noticed that lately the sky and the ice covered rivers, lakes and streams are about the same color which is gray. So I played with this image in Picasa until it super-sized the grayness.  Soon the trees will have buds and the ice will melt. It has been a long cold winter here in Illinois. Today, I opened the front and back screen doors to let the fresh air into our home.   Tomorrow we are expecting 50 degree weather.   I will welcome Spring this year.  

Photo taken at Ralph Frese River Trail, North Branch River


  1. beautiful moment and reflection. have a lovely week - may the colors return soon :)

  2. Great picture! Happy weekend!

  3. That's an interesting photo effect. Well done!

  4. Very beautiful result of your experiment. Looks magical.