Wednesday, June 1, 2016

6/1/2016 - Outdoor Wednesday - #386 - White Flower Farm,

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I picked up a pamphlet recently that listed gardens to visit in Connecticut.   My bucket list is to visit one a year.  White Flower Farm was my second garden checked off the list (

Here are some beautiful plants for sale.

This is what some of their property looks like.  I love the smell of the trees and the way the boulders are stacked as a fence.

As the day came to an end, this is the way the sky looked.   Life is good!

©White Flower Farm, P.O. Box 50, Route 63,Litchfield, CT 06759, 1-800-503-9624.


  1. Wish I could tag along on these tours with you.Would enjoy it.

  2. That stone fence is awesome. What a beautiful place