Saturday, July 2, 2016

7/2/2016 - SkyWatch Friday - Abandoned Building - Quote - Sean Kernan - Chance

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Hwy. A, Sawyer County - Abandoned Building.

What are the chances of seeing a miracle while on an errand with my husband?  100%. While driving down highway "A" in Sawyer County, Stone Lake, Wisconsin, he said, "when you see something you want to shoot, let me know."  And then there it was an abandoned building.  I asked, "Can we STOP here?" And so he did.  While he sat in the car making use of his cell phone, I went exploring textures, shooting through things, looking up, using the power of three.  I thanked him for stopping and then being patient while I took photographs.


"The benefits of chance are enormous, but you have to watch out for them too.  Chance gets me beyond whatever I had in mind when I started to work.  It comes into play when I let things happen and then chase alongside them and grasp them on the fly.  But the artist is responsible to what chance gives him, and just setting it down without taking it in and manifesting it again in the heuristic process is not enough."
~ Sean Kernan


  1. I love how you've framed this shot - great clouds and fun textures.

  2. Special and great picture.
    Thank you for visiting and folloving me :)
    I will follo you too.
    Anne-Mari from Norway

  3. Very fine composition, wonderful sky.
    Thank you for your kind comment, happy Sunday!

  4. Well give our husband thanks!! Great shots. I love your quote on chance. I heard one time something about luck, that luck was where Opportunity meat Preparation and I like that as well.

  5. wow, that was cool, your image gave me the same reaction as if I had bent my head myself :)