Wednesday, August 3, 2016

8/3/2016 - Outdoor Wednesday - #395 - Mannequin

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Ladies' Day out was a trip to Winter Gardens then lunch with some folks we bumped into.  I thought this mannequin was awesome.   Look she is even holding a purse and wearing gloves.  

Close-up of mannequin in Winter Gardens, Winter, Wisconsin.

Mannequin's are everywhere.   Seem to be the in thing.  This mannequin was found in a store called Firefly in Seeley, Wisconsin.   I love to visit this shop to see crafts that local artists' have made.

This mannequin was found in a gift shop located inside THE SAW MILL SALOON,  Seeley, Wisconsin.

Look at this gigantic purse outside of Firefly, Seeley, Wisconsin.   Too big for the mannequin to hold.


  1. love that person great unique find. I love the pictures you shared as well very pretty
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  2. They make things really look real.Very pretty place to visit.

  3. Hello, Such LOVELY mannequin with pink hat and gloves♡♡♡ I've never seen mannequin decorated with real plants. Truly enjoyed your post with enlarged pictures♪
    Thank you SO much for your sweet comments, Have a wonderful rest of week.
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

  4. I love your mannequins - especially the first one. Makes me think of Spring.

  5. That garden mannquin is so beautiful, last year 's garden show here there was also a lovely mannequin which was the most famous photo subject, with hairs of Spanish moss. But that bag is so heavy that fits only for that exhibit. I can imagine the stress if one will use it as a bag, haha.

  6. The mannequins are wonderful - what a lot of work. What really caught my eye was that window. What a beautiful shot of that red frame.