Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March 21, 2017 - Outdoor Wednesday #428 - Icicles - Quote - Haruki Murakami - Past

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I could hear Lake Michigan, as I placed one foot and then the other foot into the sand and walked.  Walked to where I have shot images many times before.  Always excited.  I love being outside.  My passion is taking photographs.  I remember when I bought my first camera it was a Brownie Hawkeye. Sorry, got off the subject a wee bit.  This time I had a reason to be here at this spot.  I knew that ice had formed during the winter months even though we didn't experience snow in January or February which is unusual here in Illinois especially at the lakefront.  I sighed with relief when I saw the icicles.  I was blessed to be there at sunset because the sun was reflecting on the icicles.

"ice contains no future, just the past, sealed away.  As if they're alive, everything in the world is sealed up inside, clear and distinct.  Ice can preserve all kinds of things that way-cleanly, clearly.  That's the essence of ice, the role it plays."
~ Haruki Murakami, BLIND WILLOW, Sleeping Woman


  1. so beauitiful to see the ice

  2. Those are large icicles! We did not get much snow this winter in our part of Colorado either. Very strange weather.

  3. Thankful in Texas we did not have ice or snow. It is pretty to see in other places.

  4. Such a beautiful quote for the pictures. I will be using it one of these days!
    Happy ODW!

  5. I'm not sure where you were to take these shots, except close to Lake Michigan, but the icicles are a fun and interesting subject. Nice quote, too,

  6. A delightful series of captures. Having recently experienced snow and ice (somewhat uncharacteristically I'm told) on Vancouver Island, I too was vigilant regarding frozen snow shapes revealing themselves during the thaw. Thanks for sharing (and for visiting my blog)