Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A neighbor and long time friend invited me to a book review. It was delightful! Barbara Rinella was a dynamic speaker who didn't use cheat sheets but did bring props. She had a pillbox hat and sunglasses and a dark wig to imitate Jacqueline Kennedy. She brought a dress and hat to look like Eleanor Roosevelt. And so on. She would dress and walk and mentioned details or a funny thing that happened which would peak listeners interest to learn more about each White House President's wife. Margaret Truman's book entitled FIRST LADIES was one of the books Ms. Rinella used for accurate stories. Check out her website for other books she recommends and upcoming book review events www.barbararinella.com.

When it stopped raining, I went shooting with my camera. I found some mums, some roses, a waterfall and yes; I took more morning glory shots. Today, I noticed a lot of buds, some buds barely opened looked like tiny stars, and then there were these two gigantic leaves. Why only two? I seem to be studying morning glories like artists did in the past with horses and ballet dancers. Soon frost will come and I will become interested in other subject material. Life is such an adventure!

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