Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8/11/2010 Outdoor Wednesday #83

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Lac Court Oreilles, Hayward Lakes Area, Wisconsin - August 2010
Notice leaves are turning already on Sumac.

Oh me. Oh my. 90 degrees out and we are viewing fall colors. September is right around the corner and then comes winter. Let's not rush the seasons and just enjoy all this heat and humidity folks. It is what it is.

Reflections of branch, Billy Boy Dam, Hayward Lakes Area, Wisconsin, August 2010.


  1. What a pretty place and lovely photos. It has been hot and humid but after last winter I will not complain about it being hot.

  2. I like your photos. Such great feeling in them. Are the leaves turning color earlier this year? I'm in California. We have yet to have a hot summer. It may mean a very hot autumn for us.

  3. wow you take lovely photos! really very beautiful! thanks for stopping by my blog with your sweet comment!

  4. That's a beautiful place and pretty photo of the water and leaves.

  5. Lovely photos. That's strange to have fall colors already. I am in California and the summer here has been nice.