Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pink Saturday - January 15, 2011

H-e-l-l-o......Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm back! This week my son, Norm and I went to the Smart Museum, University of Chicago, 5550 South Greenwood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60637. Before we went in to see the exhibit, I had a wee bit of time to use my digital camera that I just happened to take along with me. And this is what "we" saw, PINK ICICLES! Holy Catfish, I said, yes I said, PINK ICICLES. Who would ever think that could happen; but it did. Here is the living proof.

Image was taken straight out of the camera; but was cropped. That is all. Pink on icicles are a reflection from the pink painted outside walls around an elevator on University of Chicago campus.

If you would like to participate or just oooh and ahhhh over pink posts click here: Thank you Beverly for all your hard work week end, month out and how many years have you been doing this?

Going to go put on a cup of hot chocolate and then look at all the lovely pink things posted this week. Happy New Year to all.


  1. Happy Pink Saturday! Great shot of pink ice! Thanks for stopping by to say hello. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Well that is a first for me. I have seen a lot of pink things in my days, but never pink icicles. Wonder how that happened.

  3. Pink icicles. How lovely. Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Howdy
    WOW ?????
    Oh My goodness this was so incredible !
    Truly amazing .
    Happy Pink Saturday to you .
    Thank you for sharing .
    Until next time
    Happy Trails

  5. What a great pink post using pink icicles.

  6. Hi Joyce. I am happy to see your comment today. The pink icicles are awesome. A play on light with the pink background. Beautiful.
    Happy PS.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  7. Happy Belated Pink Saturday Joyce,
    I am back from a bloggy break and it has been sooo good to visit every one.
    THANK YOU for bringing us pink icicles....I read some of your past posts...awesome
    Have A Sugar Sweet Day
    Simply Debbie

  8. Hello Joyce, I had never heard of "Happy Pink Saturday" but I participated in it "unknowingly" :-)
    Have a great Sunday!

  9. Love the pink icicles - too cool!

    And, yes, please feel free to snag my award free button - I got it from Cami at Creating Myself.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Dear Joyce,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words about my quilts. I'm happy the shipment was found too!

    Cool pink icicles!

  11. Hi Joyce
    I love the pink icicles. I love the photo, period. It shouts happy.
    I'm going to check out the Smart Museum too as I'm unfamiliar with it. Thanks for the link to Pink Saturday too, I'm heading over there after this. Are you near Chicago? If so then we are neighbors as I'm just north in SE Wisconsin. Your Skywatch Friday photo is beautiful and serene.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comments. I appreciate the encouragement more than you could know.

  12. Oh I love pink ice. Happy Pink Saturday and welcome back. Char

  13. Oh~~~a very cool photo!

    Happy Pink Saturday!!

    Hope you had a wonderful time at the exhibit too!

    Kay Ellen

  14. Happy Pink Saturday, Joyce! Love the pink icicles! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.


  15. Wow! the pink background really created these extraordinary pink icicles!

  16. Excelente abstracto, me gusta su composición color y transparencia. Un abrazo y una alegría encontrar gente como tu.

  17. Excellent abstract composition I like the color and transparency. A hug and a joy to find people like you.