Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4/6 Outdoor Wednesday #117

If you would like to participate or view other posts with an Outdoor theme click on logo above. Thank you Susan for being our hostess. Hinge, Lincolnwood, IL, April 2011

Gate with Chain, Lincolnwood, IL, April 2011

In this world, I have overlooked many things in life. With a camera in hand the "eye" sees. My husband parked the car in back of a restaurant which is connected to an alley. I noticed metal, shapes, textures. I had to have these shots. So, I told him I would be along in a minute to eat breakfast with him. Is that ok? He is used to me saying Stop Here. Over there is a shot! Lucky me, to have a partner who is so understanding.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you will come back.


  1. .......isn't it fab when the fellas don't mind our unexpected disappearings....

  2. As you can tell from my blog Don is very much a participant in it. These are also records of wonderful times in our lives. Great photos.

  3. Nice photos! The gap between the wood looks like shadows!

  4. My poor husband goes through the same thing with me. Like the one of the chained gate with the wood tones. The first shot is really interesting the way the yellow and what looks like rust are running down the side. You definitely have a good eye for interesting images.

  5. Love the shadow effects on the second shot!
    My hubby is used to my grabbing the camera when we start out and taking detours.
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

  6. I like the second shot of that gate with shadow!