Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1/11 Outdoor Wednesday #157

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Changes are happening everywhere.   Companies are going out of business.    Schools are cutting programs.   Houses are not selling.    I don't even want to mention the unemployment situation .  On the news last night, I heard that prices are going up this year for food and clothing.   This sign caught my eye...."SORRY WE'RE CLOSED.  My husband and I have lived through many recessions.    Our parents survived a depression.    Even though we can not F4 and then turn off the computer to get us unstuck from  these problems, I am going to have faith that times will get better. 

In 2012 I believe:
New companies will open up for business.   
Schools will introduce new programs for students.
Families will be able to purchase a home.
Relatives, friends, and neighbors will be employed.
Divine Order.
And so it is.


  1. Yes, here in Spain I think we're even worse, and the details are even more negative, bad times.

  2. I believe these things will happen, too.

    We've started a new business...a marketing firm. So far, there is a lot of interest and 3 reseller contracts. Now all we need to do is get some income to flow our way. That will happen, soon, if God wills it. HE directed us to do this...and has closed many doors in the interviewing process (4th and 5th level interview...perfect for the position, then slammed..or quietly closed doors. So we are walking in faith...and isn't that the BEST way to go?

    Thanks for stopping by Artfully Graced...and YES...we really did go to the beach between games. It's only 5 miles away...

  3. Hi thanks for commenting to my post, i've linked mine in Outdoor Wednesday and even put the meme link in mine but when i went there again, mine was not there. So i removed the meme. Anyway, changes are really so magnified these days. And here in the country the problems seem to be insurmountable, both man-made and nature. Even family and personal finances are suffering much. But that is not much compared to those who are now suffering from depression due to the effects of flood, and are still in poor evacuation centers suffering from a lot of more calamities: food shortage and disease. Incidents of suicide in the evacuation center now recorded. OMG, we have at least a lot to thank God for for our own conditions.

  4. Great pic to represent the times that are happening all around us . Amen, we need to have faith for the future !

  5. we all read about this all the time n hear that it'll be worse.

    but ur positivity certainly lifts spirits...and i hope ur belief comes true...for all :)

    My Third Eye