Monday, January 16, 2012

Thinking Outside the Box

Title:   Lost in Space

My husband and I were going to one of our favorite places to eat breakfast.    Scents lured us into the establishment rather quickly; but afterward when we were walking back to the car, I noticed this newspaper clipping on the ground.   Of course, I did not have my camera with.  So we drove home.

Later on that day, I went on some errands.   I took my camera and went back to the site to capture that little piece of newspaper clipping.   I didn't know if it was still there.   It might have blown away; but I had faith that it was still there.  It was!

I took a couple of shots.    A few days later it snowed.

Here is what I felt:
How strange it was to find a dime next to the newspaper clipping.   It wasn't there before.
I imagined newspaper clipping to look like bleached bones of buffalo.
What separated this newspaper clipping from the person who tore it out?
I felt sad because the newspaper clipping was lost.
I was amazed that I was able to find this subject to shoot. 
It was a windy day in the Chicagoland area and surprised that the newspaper clipping was still there.
I wonder if it is hiding under all that snow?

FYI:   I took a basic image of wooden chips and a newspaper clipping thought perhaps if I play with it in a photo program, it could look different.   And so, I did.   This is what I came up with.  I wanted the newspaper clipping to be lost in space to be recovered at another time and place by someone else.

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