Tuesday, July 17, 2012

7/18 Outdoor Wednesday - #184

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Two mop heads drying against an unpainted fence, Trego, Wisconsin - July 2012.

Don't you think they look like two people hanging out together?  I see hair, eyes and nose but where is the mouth?   They must be quiet folks. 

Thanks for stopping by.   Meanwhile, take care.   See you next week.


  1. They look like muppets! I think they just finished singing mahna mahna.

  2. Hi Joyce, hahaha, you are too observant! Yes they are mute! But i love the photo.

  3. Yes, they do look like two people. :)
    Great find.

  4. Great photo and I do think they look like they have faces. So funny! Thanks for visiting and making such a nice comment on the crape myrtles.
    You mentioned the bark on the crapes, unless you have them in your yard, you probably wouldn't notice. They shed in long pieces, especially on our older hot pink color trees. Their bark colors aren't as pretty as the Natchez..less contrast in the colors. Thanks for stopping by, Babs