Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5/01/2013 Outdoor Wednesday #225

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Flatlanders from Illinois are viewing this sign near Jerome, Arizona.

We could barely see the town below.

Mountains are surrounding town.

Our cars were parked under this spot.    In hindsight, this doesn't look safe to me.

Vegetation that grows way up here, not much.  

This day began an adventure which our hair could have stood on end because the blacktop road turned into a gravel and rocky road with a drop off to the right and mountain to the left.   You guessed it....our garmin was telling us to turn right.  TURN way!   That is where the drop off was.  Two male adults and one grandchild were in one vehicle.   Two female adults and another grandchild were in another vehicle.   I was lucky.  I was in the second vehicle.   My grandchild, John, had a plan.   Plan A was if the car begins to fall open the door and grab one of the trees or shrubs as we go down.   He had a Plan B and a Plan C which escapes me right now.   When we reached the end of this scary road, my daughter-in-law, Christine, actually had room to turn the car around.   She totally is driving Queen.  What a trooper Chris is! 

So we headed back, it was getting near dark and our gas tanks were on empty and the garmin still telling us to turn right and the grandchild with his Plan A, B and C.    We were laughing so hard.   A sigh of relief came when we were on blacktop again.   We keyed in the garmin; locate the nearest gas station.   As luck would have it, the first station was closed; but the second gas station was open for business.   We purchased water and thank God there were clean restrooms.   We didn't take any more scenic routes that the garmin suggested while on our Arizona trip.


  1. What an adventure with so many beautiful views. The drive sounds very scary and I’m happy it ended well. We’ve traveled a lot and been through some scary rides too. Thanks for sharing you story, it brought back memories of my travels. No more of adventures for me, to old.......LOL!

    The French Hutcht

  2. Sounds like an adventure which went right and I am glad. :) Great pics.

  3. Wonderful place and lovely photos ~ ^_^

    Thanks for visiting and commenting .

  4. Beautiful vistas...quite a change from Illinois.

  5. Lovely scenes and great story! Here in New Zealand some of the 'state highways' are just gravel roads, so don't feel bad. I start to hear the banjos when there are no white lines down the middle of one lane paved roads. :)

  6. Technology can be challenging! I've seen three signs in Virginia warning drivers not to follow GPS on a particular road. These are official state signs in mountainous areas. Take a truck or RV up a mountain road and you may get trapped on a hairpin turn.