Monday, May 6, 2013

Thinking Outside the Box - Steam

Everyday is an adventure to me.   I wake up and think what is going to happen that is fun.   My mantra or prayer each day is  "Let me say and do things which will please you oh Lord, God."   Then the day begins.  

Recently, I tagged along with John, my husband, to see the foot doctor, Dr. Debra E. Young at the Lincoln Park Podiatry.  Of course, my camera is in the car.    Stop!   I yell.   He says, "You want to take pictures now?"  Yes.   So he stops the car and out I go.  First stop was to walk over the Chicago River and take pictures of the city of Chicago.   Then I walked back to the car and then lo and behold I see this wonderful steam coming out and through and around this black iron railing.  It was just too cool to not stop.  I just had to have this shot.  You know the feeling.   And so, I present this gift to you.  Enjoy your day. 


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