Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January 11, 2017 - Outdoor Wednesday - #418 - ARTEGON Marketplace

Alone, I went on this adventure in Orlando, Florida.  I keyed in the place and address into our Garmin, got on and off the tollway, found the Arts and Crafts Mall and then parked the car.   Breathing in the warm air and walking towards the building, I just knew I was going to like this place.  And so I did.

You ask, where is she?  I am at ARTEGON Marketplace, 5250 International Drive, Orlando, Florida,32819- Phone:  (407) 351-7718,

One of the first things I noticed was it was an area for children to have fun, as well as, adults.   Bass Pro and Ron Jon Surf Shops are in the same Mall but the part I liked best was how creative every store was and the merchandise was mostly all handmade.  In fact, one woman was designing and making jewelry right in her own store.

To give you an quick idea what it was like notice the sign near the Pizza Restaurant and the signs for the Men's and Ladies' Rest Rooms.

I ended the day drinking juice made inside a whole fresh pineapple.   A person can dream they are in Maui not in Florida can't they?


  1. Always a good feeling taking oneself out on a creative adventure ~ pineapple sounds delish!

    Wishing you a Happy Week ahead ~ ^_^

  2. The sign next to the restaurant is a very nice invitation. Men's and Ladies' Rest Rooms signs are cute.

  3. Oh it really looks like you enjoyed your long drive. Have a wonderful weekend ahead. Thanks as well for your visit.

  4. ummm, that drink sound sooo good...

    1. Thank you all for the nice comments. Have a wonderful week-end.

    2. Thank you all for the nice comments. Have a wonderful week-end.