Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 18, 2017 - Outdoor Wednesday - #419 - Evanston Hospital

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Norm, our younger son, picked up a razor to shave and then his hernia popped out and he waited two hours to allow some medication he had on hand to relieve pain but nothing helped so he called us for a ride to the emergency room at Evanston Hospital. We rushed Norm, to the emergency room at Evanston Hospital for his 7th Hernia Operation.  It was performed the next day.

We really liked how Evanston Hospital lets folks in the waiting room know where the patient was in the operating room   

or surgery was finished.

This is a water element in the hospital in the entrance area downstairs from where we were waiting.  The sound of running or flowing water helped calm our nerves a "wee" bit.  There were also fish swimming around in a very large fish tank.  Coffee and tea were offered in the area and magazines to read.

We were told by the surgeon's that they really don't know why our son keeps needing hernia operations because Norm's job does not require heavy lifting.  They said, he must be just prone to it.

I've had life interrupt for many weeks so I haven't been keeping up with my posts on blogger.  Sorry.

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