Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thematic Photograph #53 - Road

Ah....the open highway. Get me behind the wheel and I don't put my pedal down to the metal but I do like long distance driving. I crank up the radio. I open the driver's side window. I watch the road signs. I look for new and different places to visit. This is the life for me. Click those red shoes and I'm back home with a smile and a lot of wonderful memories and soon the map will be out planning the next road trip.

If you would like to post a photograph of a road on blogspot click here: Thank you Carmi for being the host.


  1. Great shot for this theme! :)

    I joined Thematic Photographic today!

    Have a great friday!

  2. Love the close-up shot; it's a fresh way to look at a rather ugly thing. Nice.

    My Thematic, Photographic is up here if you'd like to stop by:

  3. This is the kind of scene most of us would miss because we so rarely take the time to stop and look down. I'm glad you did - and continue to do. Great shot that reflects the theme wonderfully!