Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thematic Photograph #62 - Abandoned

Recently, I was walking in a pasture and discovered this abandoned old brake rotor. It was tossed aside because it got thin, over heated and/or warped. Pine needles have gathered on this rotor; but notice new life is hugging its shade and gathering enough water and sun to grow. I hope this plant survives the long, cold winter ahead.

Brake Rotor

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  1. I hope whomever left this behind was in a hurry to get away, because stopping might have been a bit difficult. ;)


  2. Nice shot. I love rusty old things.

  3. And now nature is taking over again.

  4. So funny ... just one lonely old brake rotor in a pasture ... I like the pic :)

  5. Tossed aside indeed! Can you imagine HOW it ended up in that pasture? I imagine a few expletive deleteds to go along with it! LOL! It's a great shot!

    Mine's here.

  6. Hey we have one of those sitting around also!
    Yesterday we witnessed a near death with a big truck putting on his brakes, with blue smoke flying everywhere. A 20 year old boy wasn't paying attention, and drove right in front of the big truck. Thank God his brakes were working. I'm still shaken about the event. If he didn't have a mom to yell at him I did it for her!!!
    Happy TP
    Love Claudie

  7. Great, great image!

    Thanks for stopping by Rose Cottage! Your comment is so kind!


  8. Thanks for visiting me. Your photography is beautiful.

  9. It's great to see new life on something that has been abandoned :)