Wednesday, August 5, 2009

8/05 Outdoor Wednesday #30

Each leaf seems to have its own pattern or its own color scheme.

For example: yellow, brown or dark green.

This Outdoor Wednesday I am looking at each leaf and come away in awe.

Beauty is seen even in the small things if we just look.

Click here to see photographs featured on other sites with an Outdoor Wednesday theme at: Thank you Susan for being our hostess.


  1. OMG, I love your captures! The description goes with its beauty.

  2. Joyce, Your macro photos are seriously the best quality I have seen for this Outdoor Wednesday party! Nice to meet you.

  3. Oh, Joyce! Amazing photographs! I am such an amateur,crawling around photographing bugs and grass! But you...! I am soooo in awe of what you have done here! Fabulous!...Debbie

  4. You did a great job with the photos. The last leaf is so different. I couldn't tell what kind it was....very nice.

  5. These are lovely images, Joyce. I still can't believe your not a pro.

  6. Your photo's are just wonderful. It makes me llok differently at the leaves. Thank you for your visit

  7. Wonderful leaves and descriptions...great shots!!

  8. Hi Joyce!
    Lovely pictures, with amazing colours...

    Blogtrotter is now showing that Reykjavik is not entirely grey... ;)). Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!