Wednesday, August 10, 2011

8/10 Outdoor Wednesday #135

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Thank you, Norm for adding color to our firepit. Our grandchildren's eyes just lite up when they saw this happening. Then it was how did you do that? Norm told them, "It is an Uncle's secret."

This orange and yellow lily grows near our firepit. I was extremely lucky to capture raindrops on the petals.

Thanks a heap for stopping by. Hope you will come again.


  1. Your photos just knocked my socks off! Both the fire and the lilly! Gorgeous!

    ~Rainey~ @ The Project Table

  2. That is a very pretty fire! Is it that cold there already?

    The lily is perfect!

  3. So beautiful and I so love the music on your blog. I could listen to it all day!!!

  4. I'm sure your grands enjoyed the color in the fire.. never seen that before.. your photos of the raindrops on the lily was gorgeous.
    hugs ~lynne~

  5. Simple pleasures outdoors...I love it! I bet the grandchildren WERE awed with the colored flames. Hey, I'm awed even as an adult! ;)

    Thanks for visiting. I'd love to have you join MY linky party, too. The link goes up on Wednesday nights, USUALLY by 9pm EST.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  6. What an awesome lily. I have never seen one like that. Truly nature outdid herself on it.

  7. Thanks for sharing the same philosophy as me.

    The rain forests are destroyed and the river floods.

    These are the country of my birth.

    The poor people can't say a thing.

  8. First of all, that is one keen idea to share a quote for the day. Then, on to the Wednesday post...what glorious photos...and the colorations are stunning!!!

    And I enjoyed your hope you'll find time for a return visit sometime. In fact, today my post is: SOMETHING STUPID

  9. cool! the fire pit picture is stunning....:) thanks for dropping by...sorry for the late visit.