Tuesday, August 2, 2011

8/3 Outdoor Wednesday #134

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Car Door Handle, Gene's Antiques, W14437, Highway 8, Weyerhauser, WI

Broken Car Windshield, Gene's Used Furniture, W14437, Highway 8, Weyerhauser, WI


  1. Pretty Photos!

    (I love the music on your blog too)

    Rainey @ The Project Table

  2. Very unigue photos! I really like the water
    resting in the cracks on the glass.

  3. How clever you are. Take nothing and make a great post. I am going to have to start paying more attention to minor details.

  4. They are two very interesting antiques! I would not have know what they were without your desciptions :)

  5. Hi, very interesting!

    Just Beautiful pictures, I love them

    You're invited to participate in my party "Step by step on tuesday!

    I hope you!


  6. Very interesting photos. The car door handles are amazing. Love the reflection in it.

  7. Hi Joyce! It seems that everybody is on holidays... Here it’s true, but someone has to stay... ;)

    Amazing shots!!

    Blogtrotter Two is preparing to leave St. Florent. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!!

  8. Really like the door handle shot. Super image!

    Yea, finally am able to post this comment. Was having one heck of a time. Anyway, a high five to you...excellent shots.