Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8/24 Outdoor Wednesday #137

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Lily taken after a rain storm.

Copyright: Joyce Meyer 2011

Blue Clematis.

Another lily after a different rain storm.

Yeppers, the drought is over. This year, we have been having a lot of rain, a lot of humidity and a lot of sunny hot days. Flowers are blooming, our grass is being cut more often and the woods are a deeper green.

Glad you visited. I hope you will stop by often. Meanwhile, you take care now.


  1. The color of your lily is so unusual. Your clematis are so pretty!...Christine

  2. The first one is a darker burgundy, my first time to see!

    Love those water droplets!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Here too everything is growing more than usual because of rain and warm weather.

  4. Wow! Your lily and blue clematis are stunning! The lily is an exquisite color indeed. Thank you for stopping to visit me. Have a great day!

  5. unusual colors on those flowers. I like that. And I am pleased th hear your drought is over. :)

  6. Your season must be a bit behind me as our lilies and clematis are all done. It's so nice to see them again here. Lovely photos! :)

  7. Delicious and refreshing these beautiful flowers, great photos.

  8. Sorry I'm late getting her to visit with you ---Lovely flower photos. That lily blossom after the rain is such a unique color. I especially like it!!

    Good news and some MORE good news is my Friday post. Hope your weekend goes smoothly!!!