Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pink Saturday - August 27, 2011

If you would like to participate or view more Pink items click on logo above. Thank you Beverly for being our hostess.

This is one of those shots which needs to be in the delete pile; but I have been told to save all my images. So I worked on this photograph in a program called Picassa. I thought and thought and thought some more until it came to me, the lake water needed more movement. I changed the background to purple, to green I used several colors until I thought mmmmm black makes the Pink color pop. Then I got goofy and wanted to see through the water as if it was parchment paper. Tah, dah! Remember this is my first attempt at doing this kind of work. Five years from now, I will probably be saying "What was I thinking?" rofl

Today is a full schedule. Plan on doing most of these things on my list but who knows?
Wash the kitchen floor.
Do errands.
Read email.
Check out what was posted for Pink Saturday on other blogs.
Go on a photography shoot--the list is a mile long of images that I saw and wanted to go back too. Depends on lighting for this goal.
Pray that our Eastern Seaboard friends will be safe.

I am glad you dropped by to visit. Meanwhile, take care. Time for me to go make breakfast and start the day. I hope to see you next week.


  1. Very nice! I could see this working in a delightful way in some of my altered art! Keep on creating! Happy PS!

  2. You did a great job on that photo! I haven't used Picassa yet but I have played around with Picnik - I have come up with anything as pretty yet though. You give me hope!

  3. Your rose is beautiful and I love what you've done with the second picture. Very artistic.

  4. I like the way the pink pops off the background. The picture as a whole make a nice abstract. I have been following you for a while and aam so pleased that you are following me too!

  5. What an interesting effect you've created from an image destined to be thrown away.
    Hope you managed to do some of the things on your list, yesterday.
    I'm happy to see that visiting Normandy Life was one of them!
    bon dimanche

  6. Welcome to the home of PicStory! I like how you played with Picasa. Beautiful result :)

  7. Isn't Picasa great. I love it and I also love that picnic that they show on Picasa. I don't do difficult things with my photo's but i can see that I could do it. Have a nice day

  8. It turns out wonderful, and very artistic looking.

    (My cell phone is the Samsung Exhibit, and the camera is great so far. The battery though doesn't last long..)

  9. I have never tried Picassa but have heard of it several times...I really like what you did. I'm also enjoying your to do list...I remember when I had a list like yours. Mine now includes all kinds of things like "Work on Potty Training" , make Peanut Butter Sandwhich, etc. Someday I will get to go on a photo shoot again! :0)