Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chicago History Museum

My good friend Susan and I  decided to visit the Chicago History Museum.   We toured an exhibition of Charles James, who was a very famous designer.   If you are interested in finding out more click here:   I learned that Antonio Lopez was allowed to sketch Charles James' designs, which have been enlarged and placed along the walls in the exhibit room.   Two of the dresses on display were made of 20 yards of material.   Can you imagine how much that would weigh for the woman wearing that outfit?

We walked on an "L" car dating back to the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.   Another new experience for me was getting on and off a penny-farthing, a type of bicycle with one large wheel in front and one small wheel in back.   My feet couldn't reach the pedals too well.   I'd need wooden blocks put on the pedals if I really would ride this kind of bike.   Click here if you want information on this type of bike:  Susan got into a Chicago hot dog bun climbed into a swan shaped paddle boat.  What an adventure!

To top the day off, we ate a Daley's Sandwich at their Cafe.   The french fries were the best we ever tasted.  We complimented the chef.   Then we headed home via Lake Shore Drive.    We saw boats in the harbors, folks enjoying the outdoors and then drooled over the sandy beaches.   Needless to say, it was a really fun day!


  1. Hi Joyce, regarding AZ, we only visited Sedona, but we drove from California, so there were many sites to see along RTE 66.

    Let me know if you need more information.

  2. Hi Joyce! Hope you’re having a Happy Easter! Sorry for the absence, but things are ever more difficult here...

    Would love to get back to Chicago!!

    Blogtrotter Two is now somewhere in the Virgin Islands... Enjoy and have a great week ahead!!!