Saturday, April 21, 2012

Red Hat Luncheon

Today I attended a Red Hat luncheon at Rivers Casino, 3000 South River Road, Des Plaines, IL 60018.   Enjoyed the lively discussions, loved the sound and lights in the gambling section, plus the free parking was a nice perk.  Click here for more information:

I went home, changed into jeans and sweater and then shopped until I dropped.   On an I-94 overpass, my tire came off the ball joint.  An unknown woman put on her flashing lights, while I struggled to find my driver's license and AAA card to call someone for a tow.  When a squad car showed up, she rolled down her window and I thanked her.   What a nice person she was to help a complete stranger.   The policeman turned on flashing lights to warn drivers of the stalled automobile.  He then told me that he had already called in for a tow truck.   I thanked him for his help.    Both the unknown woman and the policeman had risked their lives to save mine today.  I feel so blessed!

A young man driving the tow truck showed up, put chains onto the Mercury Tracer, and drove me to our mechanic.   I was able to pay with a credit card.  

I called a girlfriend to come and pick me up from the garage.   Thank you Gwen for being there when I needed you most.   My husband and son were in Barrington helping a friend.    My other son was out of town camping with our grandchildren.   Today I was reminded how priceless good  friends and family really are.   


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