Tuesday, June 11, 2013

6/12 Outdoor Wednesday #231

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While our family was visiting Arizona, we decided to include shopping at Williams.   I saw this interesting sign.

I was revisiting Route 66.  It all looked different to me than it did years ago but I was pretty little then.

Arizona offers Alien Fresh Jerky.

Look at how much prices have gone up for hotel rooms.

The Red Garter caught my attention with the pretend woman hanging around outside the window with the blue awning.

The town of Williams was an awesome visit.  We shopped until we dropped.   Later, we drove back to the Grand Canyon for dinner at El Tovar Hotel for a sunset view.   What a trip!


  1. What a great road trip! I can’t get over that hotel sign. We’ve been to the Grand canyon and had our own road trip in Arizona. What a beautiful state. Thanks for sharing, I love your photos.

    The French Hutch

  2. Signposts change very fast and the same old place starts looking brand new.