Friday, June 28, 2013

Pink Saturday - June 29th

If you would like to post or view blogs who have posted images for PINK SATURDAY click here:  Thank you Beverly for being the hostess.

Rains a lot in the mid-west then turns sunny for awhile and then decides to pour some more.  Somehow during these blasts of rain and hot sun this clematis managed to bloom.     Look at this miracle of miracles.  Do you believe it... and of all colors the bloom is PINK.    I am happy!

My favorite holiday is 4th of July.  Folks gather around to share food, conversation and then fireworks.    I like this holiday best because there are no presents and everyone still has a blast.

Happy Fourth of July from our house to your house.


  1. If you do not mind, please send Texas some of your rain. It might get below a hundred one day next week, but no rain coming.

  2. What an exquisite clematis blossom!


  3. Such a pretty flower. Hope your 4th of July is grand! Happy PS!


  4. Wish those clemantis did well here, but I'll just have to enjoy your pictures. Thank your lucky stars that you are getting rain. When we have a prediction over 30% in centrsl Texas, it's all the talk in the coffee shops! Thanks for stopping by Riverside Studios and hope your week in Pink!