Saturday, January 16, 2016

1/16/2016 - SkyWatch Friday - McCormick Blvd. During a Snow Storm

Howdy Folks!    If you would like to view skies from all over the world click here:  Our Skywatch Friday hosts are:   Yogi, Sylvia and Sandy.

Photo taken of McCormick Blvd., Evanston, Illinois during a snow storm.

This week my husband and I went down to Lake Michigan to get some photographs of what the ice and snow looks like at the lakefront right now.   However, it wasn't meant to be.   All the shots I took came out black.   So, we headed for the AT&T Store.   A fellow named Bob, fixed the camera on my Nokia.   Whew....saved once again.   First the Averatec computer died.   Then my phone.   Now all is well.  

Tuesday I had a 24 hour Flu bug.   Am eating lots of chicken soup.   Getting stronger each and every day. Today, I am going to meet with the Red Hat ladies for lunch.   Then my husband and I will watch some football games.  Dinner tonight will be crappies and blue gills we caught last summer in Hayward Lakes Area.  Can't get much fresher than that.  Think I'll stop by Kentucky Fried Chicken and purchase some Cole Slaw for a side dish.  Yum!  


  1. stay warm and stay safe. NYC is a bit warmer after the rain..

  2. I love looking at snowy, wintry scenes from afar and that's about it. I come to dislike the cold more with each passing year. I told DH, if we ever move from East Tennessee then lets make sure it isn't any anywhere further than Virginia and eve then I'm giving that second thoughts. lol I'm ready to migrate to warmer climates, but I love living here so much with all there is for us to do that it pains my heart at the prospect of leaving this area. Oh well, thanks for sharing on SWF. I hope you feel better really soon and that no more problems occur with your electronics. Keep warm!