Thursday, September 24, 2009

Skywatch Friday - Season 4 Episode 11

This bike is being held by guy wires to advertise a Ski and Bike shop located in Spooner, Wisconsin. Looks like a vintage bicycle to me. It has an unusual light up front. I think it is a man's bike it has bars and the color of the bike is blue. I can't help but notice how high the seat has been raised. A tall person must have rode this bike down rural roads. I wonder who owned this bike? How many miles did a person ride this bike? Was it a gift? So what do you think the story is behind bike?
Photograph taken at Riverbrook Bike and Ski, 102 East Maple Street, Spooner, Wisconsin 54801 in September 2009.

Click here to view photographs of skies from all over the world: Skywatch Friday is hosted by Klaus with the help of Sandy, Ivar, Wren and Fishing Guy. If you would like to participate, skywatch begins each Thursday evening at 7:30 P.M., GMT.


  1. such beautiful captures!
    maybe the bike belogs to the owner for whom biking must be a passion?!

  2. Neat...what an interesting angle...a most unusual shot. Very nice.

  3. Nice Photograph Joyce..
    I do see the old fender light on the bike..also I see coaster brakes on the rear wheels..a vingate bike.


  4. Wow! How did that bike lan there, hm ;-). A lovely angel and a funny shot.

  5. I love that bike. You sky looks like mine this morning. I think it moved east. Gorgeous photo.

  6. Cool shot! It does look like an old-style bike. ;-)

  7. Wow, that's something unique. Great composition here. Thanks for the visit and have a nice weekend.

  8. Very whimsical! Maybe it did belong to a giant (hence the high seat), but he out-grew it and decided to donate it to the shop :)

  9. Great bicycle photo. I love the black & white version.

  10. Oh those pictures are amazing. Thank you for sharing them today.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  11. Wonderfull old bicycle atop the shop! I always think an old item wants to tell its story.
    Perhaps this was a paperboys bike, the light showing him the way in the early morning mist. He throws papers hot off the presses telling the neighbors about how the War in Korea is going , that a Miss Ida Evens will marry Tom Shilling in 2 months time and that Bosco is on Sale at the market!
    Perhaps the bike languished ,unridden in a garage for many years and is now so very happy to be out in the world and of use!

  12. Love the perspective and the advertising idea ... pretty nifty views.
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. interesting composition for sky watch entry.

    thanks for the visit!

    happy weekend!

  14. Hi Joyce!
    Amazing pictures!

    Blogtrotter is visiting some Old Town Antalya in Turkey. Enjoy and have a glorious week!

  15. Joyce - Check your email - you won earrings by leaving a comment on my blog. If you don't want them, let me know and I'll draw another name.