Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3/09 Outdoor Wednesday #13

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Lake Michigan, Grasses, waves and clear blue sky, March 2011. What a relief from gray, gray and more gray skies we were having for many days.

Only a few chunks of ice left on shoreline of Lake Michigan. Water is now open.

Lake Michigan just a few weeks ago, ice was melting. How weird I see an upside down Valentine. Do you?
Glad you could drop by. Come see what is featured next week, if you have some time.


  1. Awesome photos! Looks like spring is on it's way.

  2. Thanks for the visit, glad to see you getting a little thaw. Your part of the country has had a tough winter, I'll bet your really glad it's almost over!

  3. Your images are just great. It must be interesting to watch the thaw. Love the little quote in the previous post!

  4. Hi Joyce,
    Your photographs are just wonderful!
    Thanks for visiting my garden.
    I am your new follower.

  5. What dramatic and wonderful pictures...so beautiful!

    Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment. Have a great day.(-:

  6. How beautiful....and cold looking! I see the upside down valentine...Was this ice in a parking lot?

    Thanks for visiting Artfully Graced tonight. Yes, that beautiful tree is a native of Brazil. I always get excited when I spy the first blooming tree of the season...and the camera comes out!!!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Jane (Artfully graced)

  7. Great photos and that was pretty perceptive to see the upside down Valentine.

  8. I can see the Valentine. :)
    Great shots.

  9. Haha, the last photo is awesome. Good find and well captured!

  10. You're brave to go out there for photographing these beautiful sceneries!

  11. Slowly, slowly Spring is inching her way across the land.
    Great shots and yes, I did notice the inverted heart in the melting ice.
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday from Normandy.

  12. You are right, I see that upside down heart too. I thought it's man made.
    slowly but sure, spring is coming , as your lovely photos show too.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  13. I love the forms and frames in these photos, great songs with a very interesting language. Greetings

  14. It has been years since I saw lake Michigan, or I should say the shore & at winter! It never looked as pretty as this where my view was from. Love the top one with the grasses. thanks for stopping by, I can not wait until I see my crocus come up this year! my photos were from years past... dreaming of spring. Good to see the lake thawing, so we know it is getting close! ~Faythe @ GMT~