Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2/09 - Outdoor Wednesday - #109

These photographs show how the blizzard effected Lake Michigan shoreline.

Mountains of ice formed where the water usually is. Notice hardly any snow is on the sand. Yet, the sand is frozen. Remember Illinois is a flat, no mountains here.

More mountains of snow and ice and blue sky.

This is what the frozen sand looked like in the area where lake water usually is. Shoreline was frozen.

I walked through drifts of snow by walking in someone else's footprints who had been there before me to get to the mountains of snow and frozen sandy beaches. Drifts were taller than my boots. It was cold. It was windy; but the sun was out. For once the sky and sea didn't merge into one color. I noticed these patterns and branch on the ground and could not resist its beauty.

This was the last image I took that day.
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I hope to see you back next time. Meanwhile, take care.


  1. What lovely photos of the frozen areas. I could really make out a lot of detail.

  2. gorgeous photos, especially the last one.

  3. Wow!!! You sure have had some bad weather this year. I love to see the snow on the lake. Very beautiful photos. And, thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner.

  4. Your photographs are wonderful...I love the formations of the sand and the snow drifts! We are getting more snow right now in Oklahoma..I'm ready for spring!!

    Miss Bloomers

  5. Your pictures a absolutely gorgeous! Unfortunately, my sunbathing chaises are once again covered in snow and ice.

  6. Your outdoor photos are beautiful, though it looks cold too!

  7. great textures in that third one down, and the shadows in the fourth. I wouldn't have guessed that was Lake Michigan - cool landscapes!

  8. This is amazing - I've never seen anything like this as we don't have worthwhile lakes out here.

  9. I love your photos of the frozen sand and waves of ice and snow!