Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Tree Buds, February 2011.

My husband and I were on an errand. While he was in the bank, I waited outside in the car with my camera, which always travels along with us. (Except for when it doesn't. tee hee.) I saw these red branches. I saw the building was brown. Maneuvered camera and my body until what I wanted to see was in the viewfinder. Then I snapped the shot. Nature always awes me. All I did was crop this image and put my copyright on it. Then I wanted to show all my friends what I saw. Beauty exists even at the mall; if only we "see" it.

Photography has been my passion since third grade. Writing was my passion since second grade. This is my path. I just flow with it.

FYI: Bank was near the mall.


  1. Nice...could illustrate a Haiku.

  2. Funny that the first comment said that about the Haiku, because I was thinking what a fabulous Asian feel it had to it. I'm trying to figure out what kind of bud it is.

    And I love your quote about anger too.

  3. Interesting. I agree with what others said - it does have an Oriental look and feel.

    I also have a passon for photography and writing. Thanks for stopping by today.


  4. This photo does have an Aisan simplicity to it. Very beautiful!

  5. A lovely picture, it just shows why you should always carry a camera with you.

  6. I am wondering what kind of tree is in your photgraph showing new buds.

    Glad you visited my blog and thanks for taking the time to comment.

    You are smart to carry your camera with you. I wish for mine quite a bit.