Thursday, February 3, 2011

Skywatch Friday - Season 4, Episode 30

Two nights ago, we had high winds of 40 to 60 MPH, we heard thunder and saw lightning while it was snowing. Yesterday, we had white out conditions plus it kept snowing, and snowed some more and then some more snow came. Gurnee reported 24 inches, while O'Hare Airport had only 20 inches and other Chicagoland areas had only 16 inches of snow.

Today, it was sunny and the temperatures reached 25 degrees; so I grabbed my camera and headed for Lake Michigan. I saw mountains of frozen water; rocks and ice thrown helter skelter on the beach, even the sand was frozen. I walked in footprints of snow made by someone that walked the path before me. I kept my fingers and toes crossed that I would not fall; I didn't. What an adventure I had today down at the beach.

Come along and see what I saw. In the next few days I will post what the sand looked like and what frozen mountains of water looks like but here is a sky shot.

If you would like to participate or view other skies from around the world please click here: Thanks to the skywatch team for all their hard work to make this season and episode possible.

See you next week. Meanwhile, take care.

Front part of image is not the beach, it is frozen lake water.

Shadow, Blizzard February 3, 2011, Lake Michigan lakefront


  1. Hi Joyce! Sorry for the absence…
    Incredible! This weather is driving everybody crazy... ;)

    Well, it seems that Egypt is becoming a risky place to visit these days. So, let’s move and get to the other side of the Mediterranean: Côte d’Azur... Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  2. Interesting! I like pictures where the snow and sky meet together like these you have here.

  3. Here in MI we had 10F but the sun is out which is good. Great shots you've got there happy weekend!
    Sky Watch

  4. Oh, wow...white world. Love how that shadow showed. Great photos.

  5. nice frozen beach and thanks for visiting my place.

  6. Beautiful and unusual photo of the sky. You were at the right place at the right time with your camera. Mickie :)

  7. Interesting to see snow shots like these, it has been very hot here.